Become a Gold Partner

If you would like to become a reseller or distributor of UCW subscription products, you will need to become a UCW Gold Partner. Please see the instructions on   If you are already a UCW Partner and want to upgrade to a UCW Gold Partner, please contact

UCW OEM or UCW Distributors

If you are an OEM or distributor and have become a UCW Gold Partner, you will need to:

1.  Create a UCW Subscription Account

2.  Associate your account to your Company

Submitting a Purchase Order

UCW Resellers

If you are a UCW Reseller please submit your purchase order through your UCW Distributor.  

UCW OEM or UCW Distributors

1. Get pricing from UCW at

2. On the PO, indicate:

  • your email account that was registered in the above steps
  • product 
  • quantity
  • number of activations (see note below)
  • length of subscription (years)
  • If an upgrade from a trial license, please include the trial subscription code

NOTE: if a company has multiple installations, It is easier to manage if they have a single quantity subscription and uses multiple activations

3. Send the above information to

4. UCW will process the PO and will send a you a purchase email 

5. If your PO was upgrading trials subscriptions to real subscriptions, the real subscription will automatically be started. There is nothing for the customer to do.

6. If your PO was to purchase new subscriptions, you will be provided with voucher codes.   These codes can be sent to your customers and they can follow these instructions to redeem their subscription vouchers