To subscribe and use UCW products - like UC Central or Weav - you will need a UC Workspace Account.  This guide walks you through creating a new account with UC Workspace.

First, go to UC Workspace website and select "Don't have and account?  Register"

Determine which type of account you would like to create.  Currently we have 2 options:

  • Option A - Microsoft Account
  • Option B - A Local account with us.

The benefits of using your Microsoft account are:

  • We do not manage your password or your authentication methods.
  • When you change your Microsoft password, there is no need to update it here, as we never store the password.
  • We do not need to verify your account with an email.

Option A - Register with your Microsoft Account

Enter your full and proper company name in the space provided, then click "Sign Up with Microsoft Account".  You will then be prompted to log in with your Microsoft account.

After entering your password successfully and signing in, Microsoft will display a Permissions requested page, which allows UCW to authenticate you via Microsoft Authentication.

Click "Accept" on the Permissions Requested page.

If you do not see the Permissions requested page, but instead see this message:

You will need to contact your administrator and request that they allow permissions for

Option B - Register with an email address

If you dont have a Microsoft account, you can register with your company email address.

Please make sure to enter your full and proper company name in the space provided. 

Note:  Your User Name and your Email may be different (but that is not required). If you choose to have a different User Name than your email address, you must use that User Name to sign on (as opposed to your email address)

You will receive an email at the account specified and will need to follow the instructions to confirm your email (Click the link provided in the email).

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